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Stalwart Wellness is a specialised platform ensuring all-round employee wellness throughout their employment cycle with our partner businesses. Our in-depth understanding of the mental and physical wellness needs of your workforce, helps us create impactful and holistic wellness interventions, resulting in optimum output from your human capital and accelerated business growth!

What sets us apart is our holistic approach that doesn’t just focus on physical healthcare services. For instance, Wonder Woman is an exclusive mix of preventive health checks and wellness solutions that help working women excel in their respective fields. Similarly, our Fit For Life programmes are personalised and impactful cardiac, diabetes and weight management solutions. We have HappyFeet which deals with mental wellness, work-life balance and employee happiness topics, and the all-encompassing Good Life programme that creates annual wellness strategies in sync with our wellness experts and your fitness champions. We use multiple communication channels like WhatsApp, email, telephone etc. to establish an unmatched rapport and deliver impactful positive outcomes.

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Good Life

This is a holistic health & wellness program that is outcome driven with an annual wellness calendar designed in consultation with our wellness ambassadors and your wellness champions. This is the most rewarding, successful and outcome driven program that has shown improvements in overall health and wellness score of the organisation. It offers maximum flexibility in terms of program design, activity and calendar.

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Wonder Woman

This is an exclusive program dedicated to increasing the health and wellness quotient of a working woman. We understand how difficult it is for a woman to manage her work and home and yet maintain a healthy body and mind. Our program offers a mix of preventive health screening and wellness solutions that help her excel in her professional and personal goals. The program guides the women with access to a Medical, Nutrition, Emotional and Fitness Coach via Chat, Email and Telephone.

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Fit for Life

These are personalized and outcome driven programs in the area of Weight Loss, Cardiac Care, Diabetes Management etc. These programs are personalized as per the user’s vitals, lifestyle and cuisine preferences with proactive coaching and monitoring support from the nutritionist and fitness coach (personal and online through whatsapp/phone/email).

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This program is aimed at increasing the happiness quotient of your employees and it is typically activity driven which can be carried out at regular intervals spread over a period of 3-12 months. We believe a healthy body and mind are the 2 most important factors contributing to happiness and our program ranges from fun group events like healthy cooking contest, counseling from clinical psychologists and counselors to tackle stress, preventive health checkups and awareness workshops on healthy lifestyle, acknowledge and appreciate work life balance etc.

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